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Our firm is an Intellectual Property Law practice with over 35 years of intellectual property law experience. Levy, Levy & Sosa, LLP is recognized for its experience in matters involving Trademarks, Copyrights and related IP protection issues including Licensing, Domain Name Disputes, and Website Protection law.

Our firm has successfully represented clients nationwide and internationally, ranging from individuals, small businesses and corporations. Whether a client is an individual or a very large corporate enterprise, Levy, Levy & Sosa’s attorneys and professionals have always prided themselves in providing the same courteous, honest, and professional service. Learn more important reasons for using a Trademark Attorney to protect what may be your most valuable business asset.

Trademark Registration Process

STEP 1: After you complete our online engagement form, you will be contacted by a trademark attorney to verify information you provided and to answer any questions.

STEP 2: Within 3 business days we will complete a comprehensive trademark search and forward results to you, together with an opinion letter concerning results of search.

STEP 3: Phone consultation with a trademark attorney to discuss search results and answer any further questions.

STEP 4: A trademark attorney will prepare your application for filing, and subject to your review, your application will be filed.

STEP 5: A copy of the filing receipt for your application, together with Serial Number and Filing Date will be forwarded to you. We will continuously monitor the progress of your application, and will respond to non-substantive Office Actions.

* Government Filing Fee is $325 per class.

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